Babies in Mind (By Jenny Perkel)

Babies in Mind was written by clinical psychologist and trained midwife, Jenny Perkel. It is aimed at parents and anyone else who is involved in the day-to-day care of a baby.

The book is designed to support you and build confidence in your own unique parenting style and ability. It helps you to understand what your baby needs from you and how important it is to tune into her needs.

The Babies in Mind website has some incredible articles and resources so be sure to check it out (

The new, revised edition of Babies in Mind is available on Amazon Kindle and at various other online stores. Alternatively, you can buy a copy of Babies in Mind directly from this website. Contact Jenny Perkel for any queries at or 2721 4619153.

“There is a plethora of literature out there to prepare a mother for the physical changes she will encounter in her own body during pregnancy, birth and parenthood. There is an equal amount of information about the physical needs of the unborn and newborn child. However, very little attention is directed to the psychological changes and needs of the mother and her baby. Reading “Babies in Mind” has given me invaluable insight into the psychological and emotional changes that take place; the emotional needs of a child and the mother; some of the psychological reasons behind sleep problems; and the realities of separation anxiety and postnatal depression. Jenny Perkel expertly emphasizes the importance of being realistic and psychologically prepared as a mother, learning through your child and prioritising a sound relationship with ones partner. These aspects, I believe, deserve greater attention when preparing to become a parent. An informative read and a worthwhile investment.”

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