• Who is…Annabella?

    Sister’s in law, Claire and Gillian, are the dynamic team behind the ANNABELLA¬† maternity range. When Claire became pregnant with her first baby in 2009, she realised there was a need for maternity clothes that still made you feel gorgeous – right down to your underwear! Then when Anna was born, beautiful, practical breastfeeding clothes […]

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  • Babies in Mind (By Jenny Perkel)

    Babies in Mind was written by clinical psychologist and trained midwife, Jenny Perkel. It is aimed at parents and anyone else who is involved in the day-to-day care of a baby. The book is designed to support you and build confidence in your own unique parenting style and ability. It helps you to understand what [...] Continue Reading
  • The Antenatal Guide: Pregnancy, Childbirth & the First 6 Weeks (By Leanne Manas)

    Leanne Manas, presenter and celebrity mum, has put together a uniquely South African book ad DVD set focusing on pregnancy. Part journal, part reference guide, this beautifully presented, easy-to-read book is the perfect gift for your pregnant friend or loved one. It is made up of three sections: a personal Pregnancy Journal, a DVD and [...] Continue Reading
  • Amber’s Hatha Yoga

    Amber Land has been a yoga instructor since completing her training at the Ananda Kutir Yoga Centre in Cape Town in 1992. Her classes are taught in the Sivananda Integral Yoga Style but she also incorporates best practices from other teaching styles in her classes. Amber offers group classes, private sessions and workshops and each [...] Continue Reading
  • Preggie Bellies

      Preggie Bellies is fantastic exercise class specifically designed for pregnant women or women who have recently given birth. With years of experience behind them in this sector and programmes specifically crafted with the help of Physiotherapists, doctors, occupational therapists and womens' fitness industry leaders, you know you and your baby are in good hands. [...] Continue Reading