Antenatal Class Online


The Just Engage online antenatal course is comprised of approximately 30 video lessons which are structured into six courses. You can watch these videos online in the comfort of your own home, re-watch them at anytime and take part in an optional quiz at the end of each course.


This Online Antenatal Class exists to make antenatal preparation accessible to the busy, working young adults of today (many of whom simply cannot commit to the lengthy traditional classes). This class consists of 6 mini-courses covering topics from pregnancy to parenthood and you can watch all of the content in your home or office when it suits you and at your own pace.

So at any stage review lectures you think are important for you or skip sections you don’t think apply to you and come back to them later if necessary. The 6 courses together as one class cost R950 payable via credit card using PayFast (or EFT for South African residents). A team of lecturers provide you with short video clips or lectures on their area of expertise. You can read blogposts and related resources on each topic, ask the forum any questions you might have, download or print your notes for each lesson and test your knowledge in the course quizzes.

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