Testimonials are a valuable way of assessing from others’ experiences if this class will serve you well. This is what some of our members had to say.

Mariloo, Cape Town

We are the proud parents of a new baby girl, Emma, and would like to thank you for helping us make it through the labour and birth process – we would not have been able to do it without your informative modules!  The Just Engage Course is invaluable to any parents to be with busy working and travelling schedules.

Lindsay, Perth

Content was great. The breastfeeding demo was the best.  I can’t believe it was the only time I got to see a real mum and bub feeding. I totally base my confidence and success with breastfeeding on it. Sharon- you now have met a woman for whom breastfeeding was easy and natural, but its mostly thanks to you!!

Shelley, United Kingdom

Your course is BRILLIANT BRILLIANT BRILLIANT for London living! Thank you.
Just so you know why we are loving it so much:
1. Life in a big city is mad and we can watch any time, one before bed or a marathon of a few clips in one arvie like we did on Saturday afternoon….our first time at home for a long stretch in ages.
2. NCT ante-natal classes are £325 for 16 sessions! So expensive and not as in depth as yours.
3. We can replay and rewatch…brilliant especially for the pilates, breathing, labour, breastfeeding/care for a newborn clips!
4. Steve can watch them ALL with me. Some antenatal classes in London are for women only (which is completely understandable if someone is breastfeeding or for other ladies’ privacy)…but really the blokes need to KNOW!