Why do your antenatal course online?

For generations South African women have attended antenatal classes. Usually run by a midwife or physiotherapist, a group of pregnant ladies (and their reluctant significant others) gather in a hospital basement or someone’s home to learn about pregnancy, labour, childbirth and early parenting. While they have never been compulsory, it’s been a preferred method of meeting other expecting couples who will have babies and toddlers of a similar age as well as preparing yourself mentally for the changes ahead. Antenatal classes can help you and your partner to focus on your pregnancy, and help you to be prepared for labour and birth as well as for the practicalities, and the realities of parenthood.

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However, times are changing. Many women work for as long as possible before baby arrives and so committing to a class with many sessions over many weeks is off-putting or simply impossible. The modern woman might ask ‘So what is the point of antenatal courses anyway?‘ and has turned to resources online to prepare herself for the transition from woman to mother. If you Google antenatal class you will find multiple options but not all of these will genuinely be helpful. Some classes are free, others are paid-for and there are now so many different approaches and techniques being taught.

So what does Just Engage offer for expecting parents?

Divided into 6 online courses, Just Engage offers video lectures that you can watch on a desktop, laptop or mobile device. You can work through the content at your own pace and in your own time, just log in on the website and pick up exactly where you left off. Basically, you can do your entire antenatal course online! Once you’ve watched a video lecture (usually by Sharon Kloppers, the main facilitator and mentor, or a specialist lecturing on their area of expertise) you can download the notes from that lecture which you can keep in a pdf format on your computer but your login will keep working so at any point you can return to the class and review past lectures as well as any new material that has been added. You can invite other pregnant friends to sign up with you so you are working through similar content and you can post comments on any video at any stage in the class. Subscribe to the monthly newsletter and the Just Engage blog to get updates on new video content, blogposts, related products or services now available and personal stories of mothers and fathers from within the trenches of parenthood.

Comparative Costs of Antenatal Courses

In the UK, the NHS offer a free class usually in the hospitals or a private-run paid for class which can be anything from 150 pounds per class. Here in South Africa, in the main cities like Johannesburg and Cape Town, most classes are well over R1000 for 10 classes you have to attend. Our Just Engage class costs R950  join which gives you a lifetime subscription to all the content as well as ongoing access to new content as it gets added.  You also gain access to the online community, the blogposts, the forum and soon the online shop but these are available to the public too.

To register for a Just Engage Antenatal Course online, click here and purchase your class so you can get started immediately.


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